Poets and Kings And Sawdust Rings

Poets and Kings and Sawdust Rings


George Bernard Shaw was an Irish playwright who received a Nobel Price in Literature. Today he is regarded as one of the most important and influential playwrights in history.  He was also the founder of the Fabian Society.  In his typical satirical manner, he once quipped, “Christianity would be a good idea if anyone ever tried it.”  I couldn’t agree with him more.  Indeed, loving the unlovable; turning the other cheek, returning good for evil are sometimes impossible to accomplish.

After class one day, a student asked me about Jesus.  Not being a Biblical scholar, I quoted CS Lewis: “Either Jesus is who he says he is or else he is a fool, a madman or a clown.”  He looked at me and asked, “No door number three?”

Charles Schultz is considered by many as the world’s singular greatest cartoonist.  For over 50 years he provided spirituality, warmth, humor, love, compassion, wisdom, joy, sorrow, enthusiasm and much, much more, to millions of people.  I saw him interviewed in his home and he was asked what his greatest challenge was.  His response was quick.  “That’s easy!  After breakfast, I have to walk down the hallway to my studio and make the world laugh.”

Many agree that he also brought laughter and levity to the Gospels.  In essence, he became a clown of God.

All three men were great men and I have no doubt that all are enjoying each other in some kind of eternal life.


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